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If You Want to Succeed, Don’t Wing It

Successful people are not casual about the things that must be done. They work hard, and smart, and focused to achieve what they want.

This is my biggest takeaway from the seminar Hyper Sales Growth with Jack Daly. Success doesn’t happen because of luck and well intentions alone, it is driven by obsessive learning and relentless executions. Successful people and organizations don’t just wing it, they have vision, allies, plans, purpose, and grit to make things happen.

Dont just wing it

1. Don’t Just Wing it. Have Vision.

Whatever you want to achieve in life, you need to have a clear vision of it. You need to imagine how everything looks like once all is in order. Your vision will serve as your compass and guide in decision making. Without this, you risk getting distracted by anything that catches your attention.

2. Don’t Just Wing it. Find Allies.

After having a clear vision for your goals, find the best people (and equip them with the resources and motivations) to help you make your vision a reality.

3. Don’t Just Wing it. Be Purposeful with Your Team Culture.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your team culture will take care of itself. If you do not actively shape the way your team interacts with one another and with external stakeholders, then someone else will. And it may not be how you envisioned it to be. A healthy team culture should have the following systems:

  • Recognition System
  • Communication System
  • Personal and Professional Development System
  • Empowerment System – In line with empowerment, each member of the team should be given the amount of authority needed to accomplish the amount of responsibility given to them. For example in an organization, sales people should be empowered to do the deal on their own. They shouldn’t have to go to management for approval on sales matters with clients.

4. Don’t Just Wing it. Create and Follow Your Playbook.

A playbook is a consolidation of your strategies and action plans on how to win. It’s a detailed map of how you will achieve your vision. Your allies should also know the playbook before you send them out to accomplish what you expect them to.

  • People are different. Speak with them according to their personality styles.
  • Your goals should be written, measured, evaluated, and reviewed. Only things that gets measured, gets done.
  • Inspect what you expect, and have grit to pursue your goals. It takes 9 touches before your prospects know you exist. People usually stop after the 5th attempt.

4. Don’t Just Wing it. Build and Grow Your Sales Force.

  • On Recruitment. It has always been a question among business owners how to motivate their sales team. The answer for this is that you hire them that way – self motivated! Other attributes that were highlighted are personal integrity, people skills, sense of urgency, discipline, and positive outlook.
  • On Management. Sales people should have minimum standard performance that they need to achieve at the very least to be able to keep their job. This should be customized and negotiated per sales people to ensure that they have ownership when it comes to their targets.

With a good plan and disciplined follow through, luck would follow. That’s how you win. So don’t ever just wing it – it shows just how lazy you are if you do. Obsessive learning, and relentless execution. Obsessive learning, and relentless execution.

See you around!