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Month 6: Even the Devil is Into Details

“To leave something important to you unrefined, uniterated, first drafted is the laziest safety net you can deploy.”

A few weeks ago, I met two traditional Chinese honchos for possible partnership. I called their company way back and received feedback recently. I went to the meeting with little knowledge about the industry they are in ā€“ expecting that they will be sharing this detail with me during the probing stage. But the two gentlemen were different.

They refused to tell me anything unless I impress them with what I know about their industry. They saw through my lack of preparation quickly and asked me to leave.

It was one of the most embarrassing moments in my career. I was lazy. There was no other way to put it.

I apologized for my lack of preparation and admitted that I did a bad job today. Consequently, I asked them if I can go back to them at a later time when I have all the answers they need. They consented ā€“ but the second meeting is yet to materialize.

Their consent must probably to save me face only, but Iā€™m glad I experienced such. I would have not woken up from such a shameful habit – sloth. After all, even the devil is into details.