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Our Kind Must Get Used to Rejection

I have never been rejected so many times in my life than in my first 3 months in sales.

I took it personally. I got depressed and questioned my ability to be a sales professional – maybe it was my manner, or my appearance, or my inexperience, or my knowledge or lack thereof, or perhaps I just wasn’t built for this. It was a difficult time. Fortunately, my manager then gave me an audio book of Brian Tracy. It was probably the most helpful material on sales that I’ve listened to.

Now I’ve come to understand that rejection is part of the sales process – from cold calling to closing. Hence, I don’t take it personally anymore. In fact I now believe that the more “no” I get, the closer I get to my next “yes.”

But remember this: even if you get a no, don’t go believing that it is final. Rejections are usually not final – perhaps there isn’t a need yet, or there are more pressing issues at the moment, or the person is just busy and not in the mood to talk yet, or you came off as assuming but ignorant of their needs. Ask the person if you can check with him or her some other time and do so.

Let me know what happens.



Is it called cold calling because people are cold to you?