About Me

 “It is okay to be at a place of struggle. Struggle is just another word for growth. Even the most evolved beings find themselves in a place of struggle now and then. In fact, struggle is a sure sign to them that they are expanding; it is their indication of real and important progress. The only one who doesn’t struggle is the one who doesn’t grow. So if you are struggling right now, see it as a terrific sign — celebrate your struggle.”

― Neale Donald Walsch

I want to learn as much as I can.
Then I want to help make the world a better place.

After graduation, I took a job in sales. The first 3 months were torture. I was slapped with rejection after rejection. I was ashamed of myself. I wanted to quit. I thought that maybe sales isn’t for me. But I reasoned…

What IS for me then?

So I decided to continue. I read on sales books, listened to self help audios, and sacrificed sleep to study sales. After a few weeks, it worked little by little. I started winning clients. Then I was entrusted by management to handle big accounts and expansion projects. I was getting my commissions. I was made the lead for our team.

But I quit.

And I regretted that decision for a while.

So now I’m relearning to do business development for a completely different industry. And I’m trying to stick it out – because based on experience –

“There” is no better than “here”
“Here” is the same as “there”

We all just got to make it count.


By the way, I also have my personal blog at http://definingx.blogspot.com/


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