Anything Less of Helping is Bullshit

When I was starting out, I came across a client who needed our services badly. I pitched in the idea and was called for a presentation meeting. I went to the client’s office and everything went well – or so I thought.

When I was following up, I couldn’t get a hold of the client anymore. She was always out, “in a meeting,” is “speaking with someone,” etc. She was being passive aggressive with me (the type I find the most frustrating – but that’s up for another story.)

Anyway in my head, I was so mad at her for wasting my time.

Weeks later, I found out that the client didn’t buy from our competitors either. And then months later, I found out that they still have the same problem. That’s when I felt silly for being mad. You see, we’re supposed to be here to help our clients. We shouldn’t get mad if they decide that they don’t want our help, and more so if they cannot decide at all.

Speaking of helping, make sure that you are there until the help is delivered – whether the delivery shall be done by you or by another team. You were the one who sold them the product, don’t be an asshole and tell them that it isn’t your problem anymore.

Remember that your client’s pains are your pains, and their triumphs are your triumphs as well. Anything less, and you should probably rethink the whole idea of being a sales professional for a service-oriented company.



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