Lessons I Learned after Entering the Sales Profession

I absolutely dislike selling. I initially thought that not reaching your quota can be something out of your control no matter how hardworking, intelligent, and articulate you are.

But thinking about it deeply, I do like sales. I like meeting and discussing matters with people – especially those who are more experienced and mature than I am, because I have more to gain by listening to them. I like solving problems and ultimately being part of the solution. And more often than not, these are the things I have to do in sales. Hence, I do like sales.

Lessons I Learned after Entering the Sales Profession

  1. Everything counts. Anything you say or do is either moving you away or closer to the sale. Do not leave anything to chance.
    1. On General Reminders
      1. Visualize the meeting calmly and confidently before you go there. Visualize how you want it to go and end.
      2. Visualize your introduction and go to stories during networking events.
      3. Always dress for success. Look your best all the time because you never know when you will meet someone special.
    2. Ensure that you know what you want to get out of any conversation (cold calls, meetings, networking events, etc) and plan how you’ll get it.
    3. On prospecting
      1. Who is in charge of X? Make sure you’re talking with the person in charge. Delineate your prospects better to make sure that they are qualified before the initial meeting. This is to lessen opportunity costs of meeting them.Then, your next question should aim at what the person in charge wants.
    4. On closing
      1. Make a call to action if everything is understood and agreed upon. If not, get genuine feedback. You can try the following phrases: “Any questions? No. Well then, why don’t you give it a try? or the next steps are …” or “If you could just authorize this, then we can start right away.”
      2. You should have a USP
      3. Never be afraid to ask for what you want.
    5. On objection
      1. Make sure to get to the bottom of every objection. You can try the following phrases: “How do you mean exactly? or There seems to be a reason why you are hesitating, would you mind if I ask what is that? or What seems to be your concern?”
      2. Try to get all objections on the onset to lessen the back and forth discussion. You can try using the following phrases: “In addition to that, what else seems to be of concern to you, or Just suppose, I can get your request approve, are there other reasons?, or What would it take me to do to make you comfortable to go on ahead with our service?”
    6. On getting feedback
      1. Follow up is just as important as the initial proposal or the pitch. Do it. “You can try the following phrases: “Is this what you had in mind so far? or if ever you are going to try our service, what will be the key reason for you to try it? Last month, you decided to try our service, may I know why you did so?”
  2. Surround yourself with positive people. Spend time with people whom you want to be.
  3. Seek continuous learning and always stay up to date with current events across industries.
    1. Read/listen to audio book 1hr / day on selling/ self help books.
    2. Follow blogs and community on selling as a profession.
    3. Read 1hr / day on current events.
  4. You are always self-employed. Your service as sales professional is your own business. Hence, work doesn’t end after work hours, because you don’t stop being the owner of your own personal services business after work hours. Don’t feel bad for any “overtime work” as long as you are improving yourself.
  5. Manage your territory well. Set meetings that are in close proximity within each other. Cold calling should be geographically dependent to some extent.
  6. Know what you want, and resolve to pay the price for it in advance. Resolve to be the best, and do not give up until you have reached it.
    1. List your goals.
    2. List your reasons for why you need to close accounts.
    3. Plan your numbers and funnel (number of cold calls, meetings, new leads, and follow ups each day) – how will you achieve your sales target.

Do all this. Then make sure to never short sell yourself or your services. Always mean business.




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